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The best choice for users is IWantU APK which deals with dating and romance. It also stands as an ideal alternative for TikTok lovers due to its unlimited preiume features and entertainment options. Through the online chat room, you can interact with other personalities. And can enjoy different romantic scenes as well on similar platforms where he dates beautiful girls. This is an updated version made for adults only. Where you can produce, see, and show short video clips that are full of fun. It has many sensual moments that are not suitable for youngster Users.

The IWantU APK provides a chat room where you can talk to others online and find a good game. Start dating her and be friends with your girlfriend step-by-step. Hence, it is a fantastic platform to flirt with new Dasi girls for romance and pleasure. There’s never any dull moment or lack of fun in this movie for short-scene lovers as well as those seeking hot adventure. Also, make your profile attractive if you want more people to be drawn towards you too. You have the best opportunity to fall in love and go on dates too then there are many single girls available for chatting through the messenger app.

What is IWantU APK?

IWantU APK is a dating and romance Android social media app via a free chatroom. In other terms, it is an innovative TikTok 18+ with advanced and free premium paid features. The platform allows you to watch whatever content you like including erotic ones and nudity. In addition, the users can make their Short videos, view them, or even spread them online. It allows people to view videos from all parts of the world for free of cost. Furthermore, there are fresh videos that you can watch daily.

This is good news for anyone who loves watching their favorite short videos. Additionally, they are capable of coming up with short clips and photographs that they can upload on this site for others to see. In so doing you’ll be able to make your profile more alluring and best professional. Alternatively, you may want to engage in some spicy activities during your leisure time.

However, it cannot be used by newbies because of its genre and variety. There might be some items that may harm your mental health as well as your family relationships. Therefore only use it just for fun since it is highly addictive. This addiction does not make any sense if considered from the viewpoint of health improvement in both physical and mental ways

Features of IWantU APK:

The app has many fantastic and preiume features that are available for download immediately. It has high-quality videos and doesn’t need any login to access content.

Full HD Quality:

Contents on this application are available in HD resolutions to enhance viewers’ experience. You can also comment, save, or add them to your favorite videos.

Videos without limits:

IWantU Mod App comes with a wide collection of short videos you can watch. You will have a chance to watch videos based on your previous history.

No ads:

It’s another experience where there are no more annoying third-party adverts just pure fun!

Health effects

Therefore it may lead to mental disorders; for example fatigue, anxiety, and depression as well as other ailments that might be connected with its content.

Other features of the IWantU:

  • Upload your creative content
  • No registration is required; no subscription
  • Works well on most Android devices
  • Safe from any virus threats and malware removals.
  • Online live chatroom is free of charge
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very addictive contents
  • For teens, it’s good to watch
  • Algorithm-based application for new videos;
  • Downloadable at no cost or whatsoever,

Pros and Cons:


  • Interface that is easy to use and design that makes it attractive for all users
  • Different dating preferences are satisfied by the variety of features
  • Secureness is characterized by strong ways of mitigating risks such as fake profiles being created
  • Vibrant community
  • Advanced matching algorithm for better compatibility of matches


  • Not available in some regions geographically
  • Sometimes people face technical issues or bugs
  • Fake profiles might occur in some cases


IWantU APK invites fans of video lovers to join an online chatroom with beautiful girls who share their interests. You can also use smart filters to find dasi singles for dating and romance. Moreover, you are allowed here to communicate with as many girls as possible, and what is more without restrictions! It’s easily navigational.


Is it a free app?

Yes, there is a free IwantU app that includes basic features. Besides that, there is a paid subscription that avails more functions and benefits

How do I create an account on IwantU APK?

To sign up with IwantU APK just download the app from our website, and follow the instructions on your screen. In most instances, you will be required to provide a few personal details like name, age, gender, and preferences and also add your photos to complete your profile.

Is IwantU safe to use?

IwantU APK ensures that user safety comes first by implementing many security measures to protect users’ data and privacy. Examples of these are encryption protocols, profile verification options as well as moderation of content strictly. However, like any other online platform users should be careful while interacting with others since safety guidelines must be observed hither

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